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Real-Time Crime Center on Cloud

GeoShield is a Force Multiplier that will help transform your agency into a Real-Time Crime Center. Connect multiple information sources such as Agency Data, Law Enforcement Data, and Live Video Streams in real-time to acquire a holistic view of all events & incidents happening across your city. Accurately anticipate public safety issues and proactively respond to incidents with coordinated response, with applications built with public safety personnel in mind.

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CJIS-Compliant Cloud with Minimal Footprint

A CJIS-compliant solution hosted on the cloud that offers end-to-end encryption and multiple layers of protection to ensure information confidentiality, integrity, enhanced privacy and industry compliance.

 CJIS-Compliant Cloud with Zero Footprint
  Re-Designed Dashboard for Immersive Experience & Quick Access

Re-Designed Dashboard for Immersive Experience & Quick Access

An easy-to-use and intuitive dashboard for crime data visualization, to quickly see all important information in a common operating picture.

Real-Time Camera Streaming for Live City Monitoring

Access live, streaming information from camera’s spread across the city for enhanced situational awareness and real-time city monitoring.

Cloud-Based CJIS Compliant Solution with Enhanced Security Features
 Unity Data Connector for delivering Real-Time Data

Unity Connector for delivering Real-Time Data

Aggregate data in real-time from across multiple data sources such as agency data, live video feeds, social media & many more into one single platform and equip officers with real-time insights.

Live Notifications & Alerts for Proactive Planning & Decision Making

Receive live notification and alerts on incidents and events happening in your city and respond proactively.

  Live Notifications & Alerts for Proactive Planning & Decision Making
  Interactive Data Analytics & Visualization with Drill Down Capabilities

Interactive Data Analytics & Visualization

Turn data into intelligence with intuitive maps and graphs to actively recognize crime patterns and better allocate resources to address criminal activities.

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