Actionable Intelligence for Public Safety agencies


What is GeoShield?

A modern crime analytics and collaboration product that provides actionable
intelligence and comprehensive situational awareness for Public Safety agencies.
GeoShield leverages advanced spatial technologies to facilitate Crime Analysis
and Intelligence Led Policing best practices.


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What does GeoShield offer?

Real Time Data Analysis

Real Time Data Analysis

Real Time access and analysis of the your agencies data

Predictive Analytics And Crime Trends

Predictive Analytics And Crime Trends

Simplified crime analytics that enable your agency to analyze past and current trends to determine future impacts



Homepage, Dashboard, Tools facilitate collaboration and informed decision making

GeoShield in Action


Aggregate data from multiple Public Safety sources
(CAD, AVL, IP Cameras, Video Analytics alerts, emergency, GPS, etc.)



Add location intelligence to aggregated Public Safety Data.
Perform Spatial Analytics



Obtain Actionable intelligence and unique insights in real time on a ‘live, map based’ operations dashboard.



Trigger automatic workflows to operationalize the intelligence

Why GeoShield?

Keep citizens safe by providing real-time Situational Awareness to Law Enforcement agencies

Minimal IT infrastructure requirement using cloud deployment option

Out of the box compliance for region specific data storage and management rules (CJIS, GDPR, etc.)

Increase operational efficiency, using GeoShield’s unique spatial insights. Do more with less resources

Intuitive data visualization offers a common operating picture of your jurisdiction

Safer neighborhood increases livability index, pulls businesses and offers economic prosperity

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