Achieve Safe and Secure Communities
with Real-Time Video Policing

Cisco® Kinetic for Cities + GeoShield

Cisco Kinetic for Cities, a next generation IoT based smart city framework, provides greater connectivity amongst the smart infrastructure across the city. Safety and security of citizens is a necessity for enhancing livability and vitality of a city. GeoShield is a integral part of Cisco Kinetic, which supports the roles of real-time policing, investigations and analysis for delivering enhanced safety and security.

Crime Analytics

GeoShield coupled with Cisco Kinetic for Cities delivers advanced map based visualization, analytics and workflow capabilities. Its live digital monitoring capabilities provides real-time situational awareness of city assets such as streets, schools, shopping centers, manufacturing zones etc. and helps in detecting incidents accurately. It visualizes security alerts directly on a dashboard, where the Analysts can perform first level analysis and immediately raise a flag based on the incident priority and urgency.

Video Policing

GeoShield’s ability to incorporate live video feeds from video analytic systems provided through Cisco CKC, VMS provided streams, and RTSP streams allow for increased situational awareness and coverage in real-time across the city or your infrastructure. GeoShield’s spatially-enabled dashboard provides video updates on suspicious activity from the alerts provided by the cameras across the city. Analysts can quickly identify locations, stream video, and access the VMS to help with the response workflows.

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