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World’s first cloud based HIPAA-Compliant, Spatial Analytics platform


Spatial Analytics enhances the understanding of patient health across
the country by embedding location intelligence into healthcare data.
It offers valuable insights which help in increasing coverage and
creating an efficient healthcare network.

Partnering with Esri, the world leader in spatial technologies,
Spatialitics brings to you the world’s first HIPAA-Compliant
spatial analytics platform designed to deliver targeted business
outcomes and achieve healthcare excellence

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Spatialitics Health

A transformative Spatial Analytics Platform

HIPAA-Compliant GEOCODING SERVICE, Powered by Esri, to spatially enable Healthcare Data
CONNECTORS / AGGREGATORS to several Clinical, EMR, EHR Systems
Targeted CLINICAL Apps with data curated from a variety of sources
Advanced BUSINESS & OPERATIONS Apps for efficient healthcare planning
Flexible DEPLOYMENT MODEL On-Prem | Cloud | Hybrid

Geocoding Service

HIPAA-Complaint Geocoding Service, Powered by Esri, to convert readable addresses to coordinates on a map

A cloud-based, ready-to-use service that offers a unique opportunity for healthcare providers to become ‘location-aware’ by spatially enabling its healthcare data. Our service converts addresses into coordinates with high accuracy and plots them on a map for easy visualization.

Clinical Apps

Intuitive Map Visualization of data from disparate sources such as Public Health, Demographic, Community Resources, etc.

Everyone loves a map. It’s more exciting than a chart and easier to understand than an info-graphic. Our Clinical Apps allows you to take complex healthcare data from disparate sources and visualize it on a map.

Business & Operations Apps

Spatial Analytics Apps that provide unique actionable insights for efficient Healthcare operations

Geospatial analyses helps healthcare organizations find where their target groups are located and how can they can increase coverage to best serve them. Our Business & Operations Apps provide valuable insights for the development of action plans for improving community health.

Spatially Enabling Healthcare

More than 2 Million healthcare enterprise assets spatially enabled to date, providing enterprises a true ‘Location’ edge

Patients, Healthcare Facilities, Healthcare Providers

Spatialitics Health in Action

A transformative Spatial Analytics Platform



Customize population health map for your service area



Prepare data and perform spatial pre-processing



Overlap and combine your data for spatial analytics


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A transformative Spatial Analytics Platform