Spatialitics Platform


Introducing Spatialitics Platform

GeoFabricTM,A transformative Spatial Analytics Platform

GeoFabricTM, a transformative middleware and end to end Spatial Analytics Platform

Spatialitics Platform is our hybrid-cloud application platform, powering our applications portfolio and delivering our library of MicroServices, that can compose and assemble GeoSpatial Apps, Analytics and Services for our channels and customers with nimble and efficient product-market-fit.

We integrate deeply with many industry standard software ecosystems to bring their business processes, events, workflows and geometries, layers and geo-visualizations together into powerful planning and operational apps.

Spatialitics Platform Architecture

A transformative Spatial Analytics Platform

What makes Spatialitics Platform unique?

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Turnkey Geospatial apps that integrate MIS & GIS data seamlessly with pre-built components.

First industry platform that keeps Spatial data in sync between GIS and MIS databases between Syncs Spatial Databases.


HIPAA, CJIS Industrial-grade, secure and cloud-native spatial apps and analytics.

Data Lake to store and leverage Geospatial analytics and apps composite data – by industry.

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A transformative Spatial Analytics Platform

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