HIPAA-Compliant Geocoder

Geo-Enable Healthcare Data in a Cloud based, Secure HIPAA-Compliant environment

Securely Geo-Enable Patient Data and Clinical Resources for
COVID-19 Response

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Spatially analyze healthcare data and extract fresh insights by transforming readable addresses to geographic coordinates with Spatialitics HIPAA-Compliant Health Geocoder.

Addresses are categorized as Protected Health Information (PHI) under the HIPAA Privacy Rule. Spatialitics HIPAA-Compliant Health Geocoder provides a secure, HIPAA-compliant environment for converting these addresses to latitudes and longitudes with maximum accuracy. Using StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS data, the solution conducts Address Cleansing & Normalization, as well as quality scoring for each submitted address.  The results are plotted on a map for immediate insights.

Covered Entities and their Business Associates can perform spatial analytics on this geo-enabled data to develop a better understanding of any number of clinical, strategic, or operational activities, maximizing the value of address data.

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SaaS solution, cloud solution, HIPAA Compliant

Ready-to-use cloud solution hosted in a HIPAA-compliant environment

Geocoding, Global Geocoding, Healthcare Data, HIPAA
Global Geocoding

Geocodes Healthcare data for all major countries around the globe

ArcGIS Desktop toolbox, HIPAA, Healthcare

Outstanding usability via Web App, API and ArcGIS Desktop Toolbox

Geocoding, Quick Geocoding, faster geocoding, HIPAA, Healthcare
Quick Geocoding

API calls or file upload (.xls, .xlsx & .csv) for faster geocoding in batches

User Management, HIPAA, Healthcare
User Management

Admin Portal for managing and monitoring organizational users

Map Visualization, geocode, HIPAA, Healthcare
Intuitive Visualization

Map visualization of all geocoded addresses for instant insights

High Accuracy, geocode, HIPAA, Healthcare
High Accuracy

High accuracy geocoding with map data & accuracy score from StreetMap Premium for ArcGIS

Address Correction, HIPAA, Healthcare
Data Cleansing & Normalization

Partial address parsing and spelling correction

Third-Part integration, health apps, Tableau, HIPAA, Healthcare
Third-Party Integration

Seamless integration with Spatialitics Health Apps and other BI tools such as Esri solutions, Tableau, etc.


We have signed BAAs with all partners who are an integrated part of this service, which includes our HIPAA-compliant cloud hosting partner

Signed BAAs, HIPAA, Healthcare, HIPAA Compliant

Spatialitics HIPAA-Compliant Geocoder is hosted on a secure and reliable HIPAA-compliant cloud with geofencing, capable of handling sensitive and regulated healthcare data

HIPAA Compliant, HIPPA Geocoder, Healthcare Data, HIPAA Compliant Geocoder, HIPAA

Spatialitics HIPAA-Compliant Geocoder complies with all HIPAA Privacy Rules and Policies, including HTTPS encryption, data at-rest & data in-transit encryption and access to authorized users only

HIPAA Privacy Rules, HIPAA Compliant, HIPPA Geocoder, Healthcare Data, HIPAA Compliant Geocoder, HIPAA

We perform ongoing assessment of our processes and geocoding infrastructure for security compliance and vulnerability audits

Security Compliance, HIPAA Compliant, HIPPA Geocoder, Healthcare Data, HIPAA Compliant Geocoder, HIPAA
Seamless integration with
Tableau ARCGIS Pro, Esri, ArcGIS
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Marketplace, ArcGIS Marketplace, Esri, ArcGIS
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Spatialitics Health Analytics

Understand the relationship between providers and patients. Acquire valuable insights by running industry tested uses-cases on geocoded healthcare data for providing proactive care to patients and efficient healthcare planning

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