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Empowers Your Field Workforce
with Real-Time Asset Management

Spatialitics Utilities, Utilities, Asset Management, SAP Utilities, SAP EAM, SAP S/4HANA, Esri ArcGIS, Asset Inspection, Asset Maintenance, Map Visualization
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Spatialitics Utilities

Empower Your Organization with Real-Time Asset Management Workflows

Spatialitics Utilities offers specialized geo-enabled apps for modernizing and automating maintenance operations in real-time. SAP business processes integrated with ArcGIS empower the field workforce for driving higher efficiency.

Ready for rapid deployment at any scale, Spatialitics Utilities is proven to improve productivity, save time and enhance service delivery.

  • Business Process, Utilities, Asset Management
Composite Business Processes for the Operational Workforce
  •  Integrated Workflows, SAP-ESRI, SAP-Esri Integration
Exceptional Return on Investment
  • Utilities, Exceptional return on Investment
Targeted Apps save time in the Office and in the Field
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Unity Engine

Bridge the Gap between Enterprise and Geospatial Systems

Reliably share information between SAP and ArcGIS systems in real-time.

An innovative offering that connects Esri ArcGIS with SAP and other Enterprise systems in real-time, providing bi-directional synchronization. Unity Engine helps customers to correlate business and geospatial data from the two systems of record for deeper insights. This ensures that the business and geospatial data for each asset remains synchronized and enables the organization to run their business with utmost efficiency.

  • Unity Engine, SAP-ArcGIS, SAP-Esri
Unified Business Processes for On-Field and Off-Field Personnel
  • SAP S/4HANA Integration
SAP Certified for Integration with SAP S/4HANA
  • Data integrity, Sync
Maintains Data Integrity across both systems of record
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Unity Engine, Utilities, SAP-GIS Integration, SAP-Esri Integration, Asset Management, SAP geoframework implementation, SAP-GIS sync, Unity sync, Spatial Accelerator
Spatial Accelerator, SAP Utilities, Real-Time Mapping, SAP Geographical Enablement framework, Geo-Enable, SAP Utilities, Asset Management, Map Visualization
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Spatial Accelerator for SAP Utilities

Take Action from Maps

Team members in the office and in the field can update SAP Utilities data in real-time from map interfaces. Automatically add interactive maps to your SAP Utilities workflows, using the SAP Geographical Enablement Framework.

  • Ready-to-deploy, Geo-Enable
Ready-to-deploy extensions for Geo-Enabling SAP Utilities
  • Cloud Solution, Utilities, SAP-Esri Integration
Future-proof cloud solution supports the latest features from SAP and Esri
  • SAP Utilities, Asset Management, Utilities
View and Edit geometries and execute SAP Utilities workflows directly from maps
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