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Spatial Analytics Suite
for Healthcare

Healthcare Data, HIPAA, HIPAA Compliant, Geocoder, Spatial Analytics, geo-enable data, hipaa compliant geocoding, Healthcare Geocoding
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Map your Patients, Providers, and Locations

A HIPAA-compliant cloud-based service that offers a unique opportunity for healthcare providers to become ‘location-aware’ by spatially enabling their healthcare data. Converts addresses into coordinates with high accuracy and plots them on a map for easy visualization.

  • HIPAA, HIPPA Compliant, ArcGIS Desktop
Outstanding usability via Web App, API and ArcGIS Desktop Toolbox
  • Geocoding, HIPAA, Healthcare
Global Geocoding
  • Integration with Tableau, Tableau, HIPAA, Healthcare, Geocoding
Integrates with Tableau and other major BI tools

Clinical Apps

Bring Clinicians & Patients Together

Intuitive apps that consume complex healthcare data for visualization on a map. Connect in ways that are more engaging and intuitive than traditional tools.

  • Clinical Apps, HIPAA, Healthcare Data
Targeted clinical apps with data curated from disparate sources
  • Public health, Patient, Map Visualization, HIPAA
Intuitive maps combining public health, patient, and community data
  • Clinical Data, HIPPA, Geocoding, Clinical Apps Understand what external factors correlate with your clinical data
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Clinical Apps, visualization of healthcare data on a map, Healthcare Data, public health, patient, and community data, HIPAA, HIPAA Compliant,  Spatial Analytics
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Spatial Analytics, Geospatial Business Apps, visualization of community data on the map, Geo-enablement of organizations
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Business Apps

Align Your Organization With Your Community

Geospatial analysis helps organizations determine how to align their capabilities with the needs of the community, and build plans and interventions specifically for these needs.

  • Spatial Analytics, Spatial Data, HIPPA, healthcare
Spatial Analytics on Composite Data
  • Healthcare analytics, HIPAA, healthcare
Uncover unique insights through powerful analyses
  • Business Apps, HIPAA, healthcare, healthcare data, HIPAA geocoding, healthcare maps
Actionable results in minutes, not months
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