Unity Engine

Master Data Management between Enterprise & Geospatial Systems

Organizations worldwide rely on SAP Enterprise Asset Management for asset lifecycle management including maintenance, scheduling, inspections, work order management etc. They also leverage Esri ArcGIS as the system of record and engagement for managing asset’s geospatial data. Integrating and improving the consistency and accuracy of the data assets between these systems of records is essential to deliver the benefits of digitalized business processes- both on and off the field.

Traditional single-threaded integration and batch modes fail to recognize the importance of ‘Common Critical Data’ between these 2 systems. The authenticity, accuracy and integrity of digitalized business processes is contingent on accurate and authenticated data. Unity Engine bridges the gap between SAP Systems and Esri ArcGIS platform, enabling bi-directional synchronization in real-time or on-demand. This ensures that the business and geospatial data for each asset remains synchronized and enables organizations to run their business with utmost efficiency.

Unity Engine helps customers correlate business and geospatial data and uncover additional value from their data and systems. Unity Engine improves the consistency and quality of Geospatial and SAP data assets, drives cross organizational efficiencies and helps answer critical questions about business, regulatory and internal KPIs.

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Ready Connectivity, SAP-Esri systems
Ready Connectivity

Configurable middleware for ready connectivity between SAP and ArcGIS systems

Bi-directional sync, Unity Sync, SAP-GIS Synchronization
Bi-directional Sync

Bi-directional synchronization of:

  • Attributes
  • Class Characteristics
  • Geometry
Multiple Modes, SAP-GIS Synchronization
Multiple Modes

On-demand and scheduled SAP-GIS synchronization modes

Admin Console, Unity Engine
Flexible Deployment

Choice for cloud or on-premise deployment as per your IT policy or hosting preference

Admin Console, Unity Engine
Admin Console

Intuitive administration console for configuring synchronization behavior

Business Benefits

  • SAP Certified

    SAP Certified for Integration with SAP S/4HANA, confirming product’s quality standards meet the highest benchmarks stipulated by SAP

  • Real-Time Synchronization

    Improved decision making with real-time synchronization between SAP & ArcGIS

  • Enhanced Accuracy

    Maintains integrity and consistency across otherwise independently operated, SAP and GIS systems

  • Harmonized Workflows

    No change to organization’s current business processes and workflows

  • Effort Saving

    Eliminates the need for dual data entry into SAP and GIS systems

SAP Certifies, Real-Time Synchronization, Synchronized systems, SAP S/4HANA, Real-Time data Synchronization

Seamless integration with

SAP Geographical Enablement Framework, Unity Engine, SAP geoframework implementation, GIS Sync
ArcGIS Utility Network
SAP Geographical Enablement Framework, Unity Engine, SAP geoframework implementation, GIS Sync
SAP Geographical Enablement Framework

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