Spatialitics Utilities

Unity Engine

Connect GIS with Enterprise Data

A unique and innovative offering that connects Esri ArcGIS data with SAP and other systems in real time providing bi-directional data synchronization. Empower GIS and SAP apps and workflows like never before.

Spatialitics Utilities

Empower Your Organization

From Asset Audits to Preventing Defects – Apps from Spatialitics connect your organization to deliver superior service. Deploy assets, technology, and your workforce for maximum effectiveness.

Spatial Accelerator for SAP Utilities

Take Action from Maps

Team members in the office and in the field can update SAP Utilities data in real time from map interfaces. Rapidly deployed SaaS offering unleashes the power of the
SAP Geographical Enablement Framework.

Unity Engine

Reliably share information in real-time between Esri GIS and SAP systems. Unity Engine provides unprecedented access to asset data within GIS applications and systems, and enables GIS data to be natively integrated with ERP and EAM business processes, eliminating manual data transfers and silos.

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SAP GIS Esri ArcGIS Sync

Standard Connections to SAP and Esri


Enterprise Geodatabase for SAP GIS Esri ArcGIS Sync

Access GIS and Asset Master Data From Any System


Quality standards meeting highest benchmarks


Find out how we can seamlessly synchronize your SAP and Enterprise GIS systems

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Asset Management with SAP EAM


Automate location workflows, deploy field workers only when necessary, save time and money



Operational Analytics for map Visualization Spatial Insights EAM

Audit & Inspection

Improve the time necessary to complete asset inventory audits. Simplify business processes. Improve compliance and accuracy


Business Apps for map Visualization Spatial Insights EAM

Defect Prevention & Correction

Optimize your asset maintenance processes. When incidents occur, be confident they will be resolved efficiently

Spatialitics Utilities

Empower Your Organization

Responsive Apps that natively integrate with SAP EAM, S/4 HANA, and Esri ArcGIS to automate and modernize Utilities business functions.

Ready for rapid deployment at any scale, Spatialitics Utilities Apps are proven to save time and improve service delivery.
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Find out how App Suite for Utilities can simplify and enhance your business processes

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Spatial Accelerator

Take Action From Maps

Automatically add interactive maps to your SAP Utilities workflows, using the SAP Geographical Enablement Framework.

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SAP Utilities Process with SAP Geographical enablement framework GEF EAM

Ready-to-deploy extensions for Geo-Enabling SAP Utilities

Cloud Solution for SAP Esri

Future-proof cloud solution supports the latest features from SAP and Esri

SAP queries from map

View and Edit geometries and execute SAP Utilities workflows directly from maps within SAP

Find out how Spatial Accelerator extends the capabilities of SAP Geographical Enablement Framework to
SAP Utilities

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